The Library encourages visits by children and wants to make these occasions memorable, educational, and enjoyable. This policy is designed to achieve this goal.

Children age 8 or younger must be accompanied and closely supervised by a responsible person (parent, caregiver, or mature adolescent age 14 or older). Children over the age of 8 may use the library unattended. Library staff cannot take responsiblity for the care of children visiting the Library.

Children who do not use the library appropriately or who require excessive staff attention will be informed of appropriate conduct. If inappropriate behavior continues, the child will be asked to leave the building and the parent/caregiver will be contacted. If necessary, law enforcement will be contacted. Staff will not monitor children leaving the building.

Parents need to be aware of the Libraries hours of operation and make suitable arrangements for their child’s leaving the building. If a child is unaccompanied at closing time, every effort will be made to assist the child in contacting his/her parent/caregiver. If no contact is made, library staff will notify law enforcement. Families must discuss a plan of action for children to take in case of an unexpected library closing.

The Director and staff of the library will use their discression and good judgement in implementing this policy.

Approved by the Board of Trustees, Nov 2017